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At United Right-of-Way, we are experts in large-scale vegetation and landscape management. We operate state-of-the-art equipment and offer decades of experience to cost-effectively manage even the most complex projects. United Right-of-Way staff will visit your site, identify and evaluate problems, review site specific requirements, discuss your budgeting and operational constraints and formulate a program designed to fully meet both your current and future needs. Our services include: 

Landscape Management

Municipal Landscape Maintenance

United Right-of-Way understands the importance of maintaining safety when it comes to vegetation management for a municipality’s highways, roads and parks. We’ve helped some of the largest municipalities in the Southwest protect pedestrians and drivers from unwanted safety risks due to vegetation, while also offering an attractive appearance. 

We recognize that ensuring quality control throughout the work process is paramount to a successful landscape maintenance program. United Right-of-Way maintains quality control by focusing on three key areas: training of our employees, communication with our clients and close project supervision. By following sound quality control practices, we’re proactive in notifying customers of potential problems before they become problems and the end result is a healthy and safe landscape environment.  

United Right-of-Way offers a complete and comprehensive landscape maintenance program to meet the essential and desired landscape needs of our customers. Whether you are seeking improvements or additions to your existing landscape, the complete design and installation of a new landscape or reliable and consistent maintenance services, United Right-of-Way has the solutions and resources to fulfill your needs. 

Landscape Maintenance:

  • Mowing 

  • Mechanical Edging 

  • Weed and Insect Control 

  • Overseeding 

  • Core Aeration 

  • Fertilization 

  • De-Thatching 

  • Vacuuming 

  • Irrigation System Maintenance and Repairs 

  • Tree and Shrub Trimming 

  • Weed Removal 

  • Raking 

  • Sweeping 

  • Pressure Washing 

  • Plant Watering System Maintenance and Repairs 

  • Tree Staking 

  • Trenching 

Landscape Installation:

  • Complete Design and Installation 

  • Irrigation Systems 

  • Trenching 

  • Curbing 

  • Pavers 

Landcape Managment

Municipal and Commercial Herbicide Application

At United Right-of-Way, we understand the complexities involved with large-scale roadside, railroad and other herbicide management projects. We also understand that minimizing disruption to motorists and passengers is critical and we plan every project with this in mind. 

Our computer-controlled injection spray systems ensure exact chemical application rates, minimize wasted chemicals and eliminate tank mixing and rinsing. Our system allows up to four different products to be regulated simultaneously, each with different swath and patterns. This enhances our ability to cost-effectively treat large areas in the shortest time possible thereby minimizing any negative impact to our customers. 

M/C Herbicide
man and pannels

Renewable Energy Vegetation Management

In addition to large-scale municipal and commercial projects, United Right-of-Way also specializes in chemical weed and brush control services for the renewable energy industry (primarily solar farms). Our services consist of mowing or spraying herbicides at utility-scale solar and wind farms to prevent the growth of weeds that could damage solar panels, inhibit pathways used by maintenance engineers or increase the risk of fire. United Right-of-Way serves some of the largest utility-scale solar farms in the world – some as large as 4,000 acres. We also custom fabricate our own spray vehicles that are designed to be low enough to clear solar panels, fast enough to efficiently spray large stretches of land and durable enough to last several years. 

Renewable Energy
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